5 sept. 2009

Decibel Audio Player 1.01 liberado

Se encuentra disponble la versión 1.01 de Decibel Audio Player,un reproductor de audio muy sencillo, que consume muy pocos recursos y que posee una interfaz muy limpia y amigable.

Les copio la lista de cambios desde su página web:

  • Added a 10-bands equalizer module
  • Added a ReplayGain module
  • Added a Twitter module
  • "Play a random album" added to the context menu of the Library
  • Added support for WavPack files
  • Added a revert entry to the tracklist popup menu
  • The state of the File Explorer’s trees is restored
  • Removed the concept of media directories, add directories’ contents recursively (File Explorer)
  • Replaced the "view" menu by a mode selector
  • Fixed a bug related to cropping non-current track
  • Fixed remote not working with playlist operations
  • Disable the ’skip track’ option if the notification server doesn’t support actions
  • Fixed application not working after locale change
  • Fixed Pidgin status not updated by the IMStatus module
  • Fixed misusage of the Gnome keyring (only one password could be stored for the whole app)
  • Restore maximized state properly
  • Fixed AudioScrobbler module no longer submitting tracks in case of very bad tags
  • Save preferences when receiving the SIGTERM signal
  • Make the last track the previous track of the first track when repeat is enabled
  • Added ‘/’ as a default folder of the File Explorer for first time users
  • Removed ‘Encoding’ key from desktop file
  • Repeat and shuffle icons are no longer hard coded
  • Rewrote the GStreamer-based playback engine, see NOTE below
  • Added .oga as a valid extension for Ogg Vorbis files
  • Default application icon size is now 128×128 (better integration with e.g., Gnome Do)
  • Replaced the md5 module (deprecated) by the hashlib one

main audiocd 1 Decibel Audio Player 1.01

Para instalar Decibel 1.01 en Ubuntu solo tenemos que descargar el siguiente paquete deb abriéndolo con GDebi:


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